For some reason, the 1980s came to mind today. Not sure why or what triggered it, but my mind has been pre-occupied with warm thoughts and fond memories of the best decade ever. . .ever! I remember fondly of starting out fresh in life, away from home for the first time and being dropped in Wash DC region to begin a new life after 14 weeks of boot camp and tech school. Scared and excited at the same time with a profound sense of freedom in beginning life as a young adult. What was waiting for me?! Little did I know, only the best decade imaginable ushered me into adulthood. . .MTV, new wave music, leather pants, Georgetown, Walkmans, Motley Crue, parachute pants, heavy metal, HammerJacks, bandanas, USFL, the Pentagon, Miami Vice, the best horror movies of all time, perestroika and glasnost, the fall of the Berlin wall. . .need I say more? It was a decade of overindulgence, exageration, booming economy, partying, memorable trends, entertainment, historical world events. The list goes on and on. One of the most prosperous times in American history and the country acted accordingly. I also remember all the wonderful people I met especially on Fort Myer, VA. All the fun times and shenanigans we used to get into while in the barracks. Those are friendships and memories I will always cherish. With those thoughts still fresh on my mind, I bid you all goodnight and sweet dreams!