I'm still basking in the glory of the Spartans Sweet 16 victory over a dangerous LSU team yesterday afternoon that got them into the Elite 8! I watched the tip off and was impressed how fast they took it to LSU. Before I knew it, MSU was up 8-0 behind the play of Aaron Henry and Cassius Winston. They then raced out to a 17 point lead before LSU made a run to close it quickly. I kept bouncing between watching the game, working on my site, and then talking to my drunk Air Force friend Ted on the phone. His team is UNC but they weren't playing so hot against Auburn so Ted asked if he could jump on the MSU bandwagon. I welcomed him with open arms and let him know the timing was perfect since MSU plays Duke on Sunday for all the East Regional's marbles. And I know how much he hates Duke as much as I do...lol. Perfect timing! Welcome aboard buddy!

I'm telling you, there's something about this Michigan State team that's different from other Izzo teams. This is definitely not one of his most talented or athletic teams but they got heart, grit, and I know this is a cliche, they play for each other and they don't care who scores. As long as they win. That's what's most important to this team and leaving "footprints" as Izzo would say marking teams who've left their legacy in Spartans lore. Even without winning another game, this team, this year, have already left their legacy in this remarkable season of injuries and "next man up" mentality.

So their next opponent is their kyptonite in Duke. Duke is the gold standard in college basketball and is as blue-blooded as blue-blooded can get. They are also Coach Izzo's BIGGEST obstacle in his coaching career. Izzo is 1-11 lifetime against Coach K (no way am I going to attempt to spell his name). I still remember the only time Izzo beat them in the 2005 Sweet Sixteen that propeled MSU to the Final Four. I thought, at that time, Izzo had finally exorcized his demons with Duke but how wrong I was. Duke has had MSU's number over and over and over again since then. With that in mind, and the way Duke has been playing in the tourney so far, I truly believe the Spartans will win this game going away late by 5-10 points. I think MSU has enough bigs with fouls to give to wear down Zion and RJ and possibly get them into foul trouble. Cassius will come up big against Duke and carry his team to victory. McQuaid or Goins is in for a big day. That's my take and I'm sticking to it! LET'S GET TO THE FINAL FOUR BY SLAYING THE DUKE DRAGON ONCE AND FOR ALL!!