Whew...my prediction came true! Michigan State is on to the sweet 16 after handling Minnesota by 20 points. I was at work while the game was being played. I would nervously check the score every half hour or so hoping MSU wouldn't blow it. See just like Billy Beane! After reading the recap on the game, I'm surprised MSU won so easily especially after 22 turnovers! If they cut down on half of those, they win the game by 40. That's the only knock against this class of 2020 is they have such a high turnover margin. Maybe it's their style of offense that causes more turnovers than average. It's very free flowing and lots of passing (they lead the nation in assists per game) so that maybe why. Anyways, on to the sweet 16 where they will play LSU. My prediction....hmmmm, MSU wins by double-digits with a second half run that puts the game away. Happy Sunday everybody!