Well this week went fast...DAMN! It's already Thursday night and Spring Break week is coming to an end. It's amazing how fast weeks are flying by right now. Too much to do and not enough time. That's my M.O. I freak out about not having enough time to get everything done but somehow, someway, I always manage to find a way to get stuff done. On that note, I'm making good progress on my portfolio website. I've pretty much got the blog section completed. I think it looks really good! The only issue I have is trying to figure out a way to paginate this section or use a carousel that displays three posts at a time. I found some info in the Oxygen Support Group about implementing something like this. Will take a look at it tomorrow. I also got the resume section completed. I posted dummy resumes for now but I have the layout I wanted and also the functionality of a download button that opens a save as window instead of opening inside the browser window. I give visitors a choice in this section. I found time to implement some tweaks to the portfolio and resume image sections to have clickable links for call to action functions.

Tomorrow I will work on the contact section to implement a testimonials area adjacent to the contact form to save space and to make it more attractive for visitors. At smaller screensizes I will adjust accordingly with media queries. Speaking of which, I plan to spend this weekend on optimizing the entire site for responsiveness. To me, it can be a painstakingly slow process especially when my perfectionism kicks in. I need to make sure I only optimize for the most common screensizes and not for every breakpoint imaginable between points A and Z. Here's for common sense to rule the day this weekend while optimizing. On a different note, I can't believe how bad Michigan got beat by Texas Tech tonight. I thought for sure UM had a great chance of getting to the Final Four. Oh well, GO SPARTY tomorrow against LSU! Goodnight all!