Today is the first day of Spring Break from school. So glad not to have a full slate of homework on my hands. However, I will be spending this week trying to finalize my portfolio website. I still have a ton to do on it. I need to finish up my blog section, create a resume section, and then start tweaking it for mobile responsiveness. And there's also a boatload of tweaks I want to make so it will definitely be a busy week! I'm still basking in the glory of the Spartans win on Saturday. They play LSU next weekend for the right to meet mighty Duke. I think MSU's experience will wear down LSU and the Spartans will pull away in the 2nd half for a 15-20 point win. I gotta a feelin' that McQuaid is going to go off in this game. The weather is finally starting to get back to the San Diego I love. Temps in the high-60s, low-70s and sunshine. May be time to start paddling out on Sundays after work to take advantage of DST. Miss surfing on a regular basis. Has always been my guaranteed go-to activity to chase any depression or anxiety away not to mention to keep me physically healthy. Definitely going to paddle out more once school is finished and I find a regular job. Well enough rambling, happy Monday all!